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  • 1st session

    Of course you have to start in a Tavern. This is D&D. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/293908/6Alandry.png?1391859628(6Alandry.png)! My home is in Hillbank

  • Tessimon

    She was High Priestess of the fire Temple but due to her vanity fell easily to a clever ruse. She was so keen on telling about the wonders of her blessed new demon arm gifted to her in the Outer Fane that she failed to recognise a serious threat in her …

  • Zert

    Zert was swept up in Tessimon's euphoria and fell quickly in combat despite a lifetime of constant vigilance.

  • Lareth the Beautiful

    Lareth was the leader of the Moathouse during the second rise of the temple he was slain by Y'dey before she became canoness of the Homlett temple of St Cuthbert. He still bears the horrific scar of the blow that killed him. His moniker 'the Beautiful' is …

  • Xoad the slayer

    Xoad had a vision of great evil festering in the territory around the old Temple of Elemental Evil, his vision involved great fire and magic. While unconscious in the mines he had a vision of great evil on the other side of a doorway beating at the door …

  • Chatrillon

    He once tried to convince Silas and Dinky to check out the Temple and avoid the Moathouse because he had been there and found it empty and pointless.

  • Tenaris Glimmerdawn

    Tenaris and her original companions stumbled onto the Temple of all Consumption. They were overwhelmed and taken captive by the gate commander who gave them to the Troglodytes of the Earth Temple. The rest of her companions and several other captives have …

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