Adventure Log - Week Seven

The Encounter at Nulb

The Encounter at Nulb

Here is the next installment of the grand adventure, featuring our fearless heroes as they battle a mighty, evil foe in their quest for knowledge. Scribed by the famed scholar and scribe Belkas Silverquill.

Lareth stands upon the roof of the ruined building shouting out “I am the king of Nulb” and laughing manically our heroes who stand before him. Paradox’s giant bear has Gol’kosh in a crushing hold as he thrashes about in rage.

Dinky steps forwards and calls out to Lareth, declaring that he seeks an audience with him. Lareth stops laughing and moves to the edge of the building. Looking down at Dinky he says “And why would you wish an audience with the likes of me?”
“We have many questions.” Dinky answers him. “Questions only you can answer.”
Lareth pauses for a minute, as if considering Dinky’s answer, then answers him “Ask your questions then, and I shall answer them only if I deem them worthy of answering.”
Arnisil steps forward “Who brought you back?”
‘Hedrax!” spat Lareth, “Hedrax brought me back… and you want to kill me!” He laughed out loud before continuing “You all want to kill me, and you don’t even know why you want to kill me!” he looked at each of our heroes in turn before continuing “Do you want to know why you want to kill me. Do you really?” Again he laughed “Because to you I am special. I have been blessed by the Gods!”

As he is talking, a slight movement of his hands catches Silas’s eye. It looked to Silas as though Lareth slipped something from beneath his robes, but Silas didn’t see what it was.

Lareth continued his rant “Hedrax did this to me. He came to me asking me… pleading with me to rejoin the Cult. But I refused him.”

“Tell us where he is’ Silas called out “Tell us, and we will kill him.”

Lareth laughed again, but there seemed to be something different this time, something our heroes could not recognise. “Hedrax has gone to rebuild his little Cult. He seeks the Unholy Crater!”

Suddenly, all chaos breaks loose. Gol’kosh breaks free from the bear and takes a swing at it with his great axe. Lareth jumps from the roof and flies off 50 feet from the group just as the giant bear crashes into the side of the building, bringing it crashing to the ground. Gol’kosh sees Lareth floating in the air 50 feet away and charges. As he reaches Lareth he leaps into the air, and swinging his great axe with both hands over his head, strikes Lareth a mighty blow, knocking him to the ground. The giant bear sets upon him and finishes the work that Gol’kosh began. With his last dying breath, Lareth screams out “This land will be destroyed and you shall be the cause!”

With the death of Lareth, the group take a moment to rest before making their way further into the ruined town. As they pass what appeared to be the ruins of a tavern, Xoad points it out and declares “There is evil within”. The group enter the building cautiously and look about. The building is not as bad as it first appeared, with a set of stairs leading up to the next floor. Paradox’s wolf companion begins growling at a table near the centre of the room. Gol’kosh moves forward and smashes it with a single blow. The wolf continues to growl at the remains of the table. Gol’kosh prods the shattered remains of the table with his axe. Suddenly, a ghostly apparition appears before him and lashes out at Gol’kosh before vanishing. Unperturbed, Gol’kosh follows Silas and Xoad as they climb the stairs to the upper floor. As they search the rooms upstairs, ghosts appear both in the ground floor tap room and upstairs. After a brief battle, they are all defeated and Xoad is satisfied that no more remain.

Leaving the building, the group continue further into the ruined town. At the edge of the river running through the town they find the remains of a river pirate boat. The boat has been pulled up onto the bank, but the rear of the boat is still in the river. A large hole in the side of the boat provides our heroes with easy access. The boat slopes downwards towards the river. The inside of the boat is flooded at the rear, and as the group make their way back, they can see another hole in the bottom of the boat, almost as though something has fallen through. Without warning, a mass of grey ooze rises from the water and attacks the group. As the group fall back, the ooze follows, striking out at our heroes. Silas nocks an arrow and shoots at it. The arrow flies true, striking the ooze and splitting it in 2! Our heroes continue the battle the abomination, and with each blow the creature splits in half and continues the attack. Finally, backing out through the hole in the side of the hull, and by using fire, the heroes defeat the last of the ooze.

Returning to the interior of the boat, Gol’kosh dives through the hole in the bottom of the boat and swims down to the river bed. Covered in silt and algae, he finds a rusted chest, which he lifts to the surface and drags out of the boat. Breaking the chest open, there appears to be little of great value in it, but the party takes what little there is and discards the ruined chest.

Exhausted, the group decide to return to Hommlet to rest and heal. As they make their way back to town, they discuss what they have learnt from their time in Nulb. The discussion is brief, leaving each with the feeling that little has been gained, until Dinky tells the others that he believes the unholy crater that Lareth spoke of to be Mount Stelagos, only a few days journey away. And with that small piece of information, the group continued the journey in silence.



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