Adventure Log - Week Nine

Into the Temple of All-Consumption

Into the Temple of All-Consumption

Dedicated readers, here is the next chapter in the chronicles of our most valiant and brave heroes as they seek to eliminate an evil cult capable of destroying the known realms. Are you brave enough to discover what becomes of our heroes? If so, then read on. Belkas Silverquill.

Having just defeated a swarm of foes, with barely enough time to catch their breath, our heroes are again beset by enemies. Despite being out numbered, our heroes battle valiantly until they are victorious.

Following the passageway from whence the enemies had emerged, the smooth, worked stone soon give way to roughly hewn walls and floor. Xoad declares that he can detect evil up ahead. Without waiting, he charges forth into another battle, followed by Gol’kosh and Paradox. The battle is brief but vicious. The constant battle is starting to take a toll on our heroes, but they defeat these beasts whilst taking few wounds themselves.

Moving on, they find themselves in a large chamber with two tunnels leading off the far side. A set of iron rails set into the ground lead into both tunnels, with the walls of the chamber and tunnels being roughly worked rock. The group suspect that they are at the entrance to the old dwarven mines. Taking time for a short rest, they find no evidence that the mine is currently being worked.

Backtracking their steps to the area of their first encounter, the group head down a passageway leading off in the opposite direction. The passage narrows before entering into a small chamber. Disturbing sigils are carved into the walls of the chamber, and at the far end are another two passageways leading off.

Xoad pauses as he enters the chamber, and indicates the right hand passageway at the far end, stating that he can feel the presence of evil in that direction. Charging ahead, Gol’kosh is confronted by a large troglodyte, its features blackened, and iron rings piercing its body from which bones and other totems hang. Again, battle is joined and the rest of the group are right behind Gol’kosh. This troglodyte bears great strength and agility, and defeating it proves to be a challenge. Just as it appears that our group of heroes are gaining the upper hand, a troglodyte cleric accompanied by a grue emerge from the tunnels darkness and join the battle. Only by the clever use of magic by Dinky, and the skilled use of blade and axe by the others are these harbingers of evil slain. The group loot the valuable weapons and other items from these dead foe, and make the decision to retreat from this place of evil in order to rest. Xoad is particularly heartened by this decision, as his senses are constantly being assailed by the feeling of evil.

The group make their way out of the tunnels without further encounter, and descend the winding path down the side of the crater. On reaching the bottom, the group leave the path and head off across the rough terrain, in a direction away from the path. After a short time, they find a secluded area which is easily defendable. They settle down for the night and assign watch duties. As Xoad attends to his equipment and prepares to rest for the evening, he is still unable to shake the sense of evil that has been present since entering the accursed place…



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